Olivia Sue Hendrichs Hickman

Profile Updated: April 15, 2021
Residing In: Hobart, OK USA
Occupation: retired child development teacher
Children: Lia, born 1970; Elizabeth, born 1981; Kathleen. born 1984
Yes! Attending Reunion
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Danielle 23, Cole 13 Grt. grandson, Eli Coover 2


Too exhausting to go into now! lol I am living in Hobart, Okla. doing whatever I want to do (or can afford to do.)

School Story:

I was completely lost when I started Sunset. We had moved the summer before from the Adamson school district to the Sunset district. All my friends from grade school on were going to Adamson. Even though I was shy, I did make a few friends. The building was so confusing for a while and I still have nightmares of not knowing what class I was suppose to be in, and not being able to find my locker (and get the damn thing opened!) I was amazed I met more seniors during senior week than I had ever known before! I had more fun that week than ever! All in all though, I received an very good education that saw me through life but I don't think anyone really knew I was there! Oh well, C'est la vive!

Favorite teacher(s)

Mr. Hutto, ( Got my love of creative writing from him. He was so sweet and so intuitive, plus it didn't hurt that he reminded me of my grandfather!) Mr. Greathouse (I did lousy in Biology, but he help me when I was ready to quit school) Ms.Clift (She was so funny, even when she didn't mean to be!) Ms. Thayer (homeroom) (She was a floorshow in itself! So dramatic! Worth the price of admission! lol) Mr. Lamb (God love him! He tried to teach us sophomores, but was constantly harassed by the class clown, and the only senior in the class, the late, great Mike Campbell, my brother's-in-law, Lanny Stone's best friend! Mr. Lamb would be sputtering, stuttering, turning red and completely undone by this kid until he'd had enough and would send Mike to the office! Peace reigned again in the classroom!) We sure miss Mike though, the little "dickens"!

Class friends I have kept in touch with over the years include

Unfortunately, they've passed on.

My old high school friends would be surprised to know

that I came out of my shyness more, married a soldier. Was an Army wife for twenty years, and lived in Germany and Okinawa.

I didn't, but I wish I had

Been little wild! Those kids seem to have a hell of a lot more fun than the invisible me! lol

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