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Oma Ford (Teacher)

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Julia Barnett ('68)

Mrs. Oma Ford taught us to march so lightly that when standing just outside the gym one could only hear light tapping.  We were 100 strong.

She was a chaos magic mentor, if you will.  Under her direrction, the Bisonettes performed more and longer routines in their portion of the halftime show than - most likely - any of the other drill teams in the district. 

She had girls on the 20 yard line at one end of the field for the first routine be standing on the 33 yard line hash mark at the other end of the field and on the other side of the field for the second routine and when there was a third routine, that same girl could very likely be found in the center of the field at the opposite end of the field yet again but on the 2 yard line.  To find out how this happened with such crisp marching and no running and it all having the appearance of professionalism, ask a Bisonette. 

She and her hubby would bring homepopped corn to the basketball games and share it with everyone.

She stopped us in mid-routine on the practice field one hot early autumn morning, had us all look at the geese flying in v formation and told us, after she asked us and we did not know, that it was a sign of an early winter.

For me, she was such an excellent example of perseverance, sure-footedness, overcoming seemingly impossible odds.  Just to mention a bit of her qualities.



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