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Kenneth Buckley

We lost Kenneth Buckley on July 30, 2016 after a long battle of cancer/lymphoma.  A firefighter, Marine, and Mason, he contributed much to his country, community and family.  



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07/30/16 10:03 PM #1    

Linda Fielding (Pierce)

My heart hurts to know all you have been through.  Will remember you always for you made an imprint on my heart forever.   You will be missed, dear friend.   I smile when I remember the times at Stockard, in band, your sense of humor, beautiful smile and sparkling eyes.. My thoughts and prayers to Jan and Keith and family... Till we meet again.

07/31/16 10:38 AM #2    

Corliss Rose (England)

I just saw this and I am so sad.  Kenneth will always be remembered by me as laughing and such a sweet sweet man.  Kenneth, Keith and I were all born on the same day and year which I didn't know until years later.  I remember him with great fondness. Just so sad.  I don't know what happened to him, I know years ago he had cancer but whatever took him away from his family and this earth, I know he is in Heaven - smiling that smile with the angels.  

My thoughts and prayers are with Keith and Keith's family as well as Kenneth's family.  I know this is especially hard for Keith since they were twins.  I can not imagine the depth of his loss.  

Corliss Rose-England

07/31/16 08:48 PM #3    

Steve Alexander

I remember Ken & Keith as two friendly guys with comfortable easy personalities. I think I was in a music class wiith them. They were both much more talented than myself. Sorry to hear of Ken's passing, my condolences to friends & family. May he rest peacefully.

08/02/16 02:50 PM #4    

Jan Fite (Miller)

I'm not much on posting comments as I get too syrupy and emotional, but Kenneth deserves comments.  Man, he fought Cancer with a good hard fight.  He truly was always smiling with that mischievous grin even when I saw him mad a couple of times.  He was a friend, a comforter, a supporter.  He was that face and hug you would cherish your whole life long.  And I agree, may he rest in peace.


08/08/16 07:21 PM #5    

David DeVoss

The DeVoss and Buckley families were pretty close back in the day. We both attended Grace Episcopal Church, which was just West of Westmorland and the Heights shopping center and just North of Illinois Blvd. Kenneth and Keith's father Stewart and my Dad were on the Church governing board so both families attended regularly. After Communion kids were sent off to Sunday School, which was great since that meant we could buy a donut for 5-cents and a Dr. Pepper for a dime. The Buckleys lived in a beautiful two-story house on a bluff behind the fire station at the corner of Jefferson & Westmorland. They has a trampoline and whenever possible I would go over to bounce with Kenneth, Keith and their sister Joyce. The best time to use the trampoline was at dusk when we could lie on the canvas and look up at the evening sky as the moon began to take shape and the North Star appeared just as the light faded.

The last time I saw Kenneth was in 2011 when I spent several weeks in Dallas selling my Mother's house. Michele Carter and Celia Hopkins arranged a meeting at the Belmont with several wonderful people who had attended George Peabody Elementary School and Kenneth and his wife showed up for drinks. He really looked good; years of fighting fires had left him lithe and muscled. He was more serious than the boy I grew up with but still the type of person you wanted to hang with. He was cool.

Kenneth Buckley's death occasions great sadness because he made Dallas a better place to live. Hopefully, Kenneth will be succeeded by another, younger Buckley who can contribute to North Texas as much as Kenneth.

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