Classmates in Memory

Karen Ross (Williams)

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10/13/20 11:31 PM #1    

JoEllen Glasgow (McVey)

For 66 years we called each other, “best friends”, but it wasn’t until much later in our lives that we were to realize exactly what that meant. 

Best friends don’t always get along nor have the same opinion about many many things.  What they do is, respect the boundaries of the other while always knowing that you will fight for their right to have that opinion, even though it’s different from your own.  Arguments can last seconds, or hours, but the sun can’t go down until the issue has been put to rest.

Best friends tell you the truth, always, even if the truth may sting a little. “Do these jeans make me look fat”?  "Yes, but you’d look great in these black slacks!"  "Do you think he’s cheating on me?" “Yes, I do”.  You don’t go into detail of how you know this, but you do end the conversation with, "I never liked him……you know that, right?"

Best friends know that you will never judge them, even when you call her in the middle of the night, frantic because your baby has a high fever and you have no idea how to give a much needed alcohol rub.  She carefully walks you through it over the phone, and still, you are afraid that you’re not doing it right.  She drives over, in her robe and slippers, and calmly and kindly shows me exactly what to do. She stays until both baby and Mother are both resting comfortably. 

 Best friends can’t always show their emotions.  You see, strength is something you save for when she can‘t take one more minute of disappointment or heart ache in her life and in order to prove that it all will be fine again you have to act believable, even though your heart is breaking right along with her’s, and even when she is so ill that she starts forgetting who and where she is, you show no reaction or fear because that it might frighten her, even when she thinks that her oldest son, who is sitting right next to her, is Barack Obama.

There is a miracle called Friendship that dwells in the heart and you don’t know how it happens, but the happiness it brings your spirit is like no other.  It is God’s most precious gift.  As long as my heart beats, she will be remembered.  "Meet you at the gate my sweet friend."  



11/08/20 05:30 PM #2    

Rita Harden

I really didn't know Karen very well at Sunset but we bumped into each other downtown during the 80's.  Since then we got to know each other and became helpers at all the reunions since the 20th.  Karen was always willing to help in any way she could, even through her many health struggles of the last few years.  She, I and a few other girls in the Class of '65 would get together for lunches until health issues hit.  There are many good memories of times spent together.

Rita Harden

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